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Life Long Wellness

Gradual, Safe…sustainable.Because you matter.


Create Balanced Health and Wellness


Learn to Control Appetite and Cravings


Increase Natural Energy and Focus


Turn Good Food into Healthy Fuel


Improve Personal Relationships


Live Your Best Life Everyday

All Inclusive Program

  • Pantry “Makeover” 
  • Simple, Healthy and Delicious Recipes
  • Personalized content and Regular Email Correspondence
  • Weekly 50 Minute Live Coaching Sessions
  • Self Care and Mindfulness Practice Techniques
  • A “Dine out” with the Coach (Exclusive)
  • And More…

Group Coaching

Looking to hold yourself accountable and want to bring a friend along on your life-changing journey? You can always sign up with friends to stay motivated and reach your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. By combining unique perspectives and supportive ideas in a group setting it can help you and your friends find the support you need to keep making smart, healthy decisions every day.


Corporate Wellness

 A single missed day of work can impact business efficiency, but it can also play a major role in teamwork, staff stability, and overall happiness and success. In fact, it has cost U.S. employers trillions of dollars in insurance, sick days, and medical leave. Let us help improve your employees’ long-term health by giving them the tools necessary to be more active, make healthier choices, and find ways to relieve stress.

Fitness and healthy eating are integral parts of everyone’s lives, but knowing how to balance them with busy schedules, family needs, and work can be challenging. I help you find smarter, healthier ways to nourish your body with proper foods, while nurturing your spirit and mind to help you find balance inside and out. 

This multi-faceted effort can help you find and maintain a fulfilling career, improve your personal and professional relationships, lead to spiritual awareness, increase your energy levels and physical activity, and even lead to more stable finances. 

Above all, everything I do is tailored to you, the individual. Because no two people are the same, no two plans of action will be the same. I will work closely with you to find what fits your lifestyle, be it exercise, nutrition, or self-care. This is your time to be your best self; call me for a free consultation and let’s make it happen starting today!


Meet your Coach

Shannon Hayes

Shannon is a certified Health Coach and Fitness Instructor focused on helping clients develop smart and sustainable health, fitness, and wellness goals. She believes that eating well and feeling great doesn’t have to be complicated, and that with the right plan anyone can fall in love with good, healthy food and find the right exercises to keep them in shape and reaching new heights. She’s passionate about helping people find who they truly want to be and giving them the tools to live that life each and every day. 

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